METEO Corrected daily irradiation

Corrected daily irradiation

The current version of the model is working with data from a single meteorogical station. The meteorogical station must be lacated in the area of interest. Meteorogical station data are saved in md_ms.txt. Measured meteorological data are stored in the corresponding data files.

Before starting the correction of daily solar irradiation, it is necessary to calculate the potential daily solar irradiation by the bbo.solar_day module.

Secondly based on data from meteorological stations is calculated current solar irradiation by bbo.solar_cday module. Method of calculation depends on the number of meteorological stations.

Input to module are first (day from) and last (day to) day of the year. For the range resulting from entered first and last day must be correction made. Furthermore, the module expects the calculated values of potential solar irradiation in psr_d<xxx> files in solar mapset.

Values of solar irradiation measured at the meteorological station must be stored in a md_gsr_<i>.txt file in _DATA folder, where <i> is number of meteorological station. Files contains just two columns. In first column is number of the day of year stored and in second column is found value of global solar irradiation.
If there are data only from one meteorological station, conversion coefficient is calculated for each day. Raster layer of potential solar irradiation is multiply by this coefficient.


If for some day are not available the global solar irradiation data from meteorological station, the corrections are not made. Data from potential solar irradiation are copied to these raster layers.

Calculation is performed in solar mapset. Mapset is set automatically before calculation. Output raster layers are named sr_d <xxx>, where <xxx> is a three-digit number of day.